• Commercial Litigation

    “We utilize alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to bring closure to matters on terms favorable to our clients’ interests.”

  • Insurance Coverage

    “Our attorneys have significant experience with nearly all aspects of general liability.”

  • Property Subrogation

    “We have represented the subrogated interests of the largest commercial and residential risk insurers in the country.”

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  • Employment Practices

    “We have assisted clients with business counseling and transactions, responding to administrative proceedings, and prosecuting and
    defending claims in both state and federal court, at trial and on appeal.”

    Employment Practices

A Different Way of Thinking

We have challenged every assumption made by traditional law firms to find better ways to serve our clients’ interests. Unique in both structure and function, Senak Keegan Gleason Smith & Michaud, Ltd. provides value-added services and incentive-based fee structures. As part of our result-oriented approach, we analyze cases based on the desired outcome. Strategic decisions therefore can be made early and resources allocated efficiently to achieve the intended result. The key to our success is understanding our clients’ objectives and working closely with them to achieve their goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


Why We Are Different

WE PROVIDE SOLUTIONS - We realize that our clients want solutions, not more legalese and billable hours. When our clients ask our advice, we provide business answers to their questions.

EARLY AND EFFECTIVE CASE ANALYSIS – Having represented both plaintiffs and defendants, we can see your case from both sides and provide you with an early and candid assessment that includes the cost of achieving the intended result.

SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT – Each client is assigned one partner who is responsible for responding to that client’s needs. When you work with us, you won’t have to wonder who to call for information or to resolve a problem.

CREATIVE FEE STRUCTURES – Through creative fee aggeements, we partner with our clients to manage and allocate the risks and rewards of the legal process.

NO YEARLY BILLABLE REQUIREMENT – There is no pressure on our lawyers to create work at our client’s expense.

WE DRIVE THE CASE TO RESOLUTION – We don’t wait for things to happen; we take the initiative and press the issues we believe give us a tactical advantage.

ZEALOUS REPRESENTATION – No matter the size or complexity of the matter, you can be assured that we will be zealous advocates, to the fullest extent permissible under the applicable ethical rules.

WE’RE NEVER SATISFIED – We actively solicit input from our clients on ways we can improve what we do. We want to know if our clients are satisfied and, more importantly, how we can improve the way we render legal services.